Think of your business cards as your portable brochure, below are some useful tips to help create the perfect business card.

Use the reverse – it really does make a huge difference to selling your services, contact details on the front, services on the reverse. Making use of this usually blank space will make the difference.

Add a map and company directions – useful information for your clients and they may even keep it to use at a later date.Scatter them about – sounds an obvious choice but to leave your cards in public places will reach potential customers. I was stood in a que last week and noticed a board where businesses place their adverts. I thought that this would be the ideal place to add a business card. When folk are stood in a que they become bored and would certainly read your card whilst waiting to be served.

Place them inside magazines – Yes we have all sat in Doctors and Dentist waiting rooms flicking through magazines. Why not drop a couple of cards in so readers can pick up your card. Sounds cheeky but works well, they will be read due to people having more time to digest the information whilst waiting.

QR code – Add your QR code so it can be scanned and links direct to your website.

Ask a question that you could answer – Asking a question that you can answer will entice the reader to call or email to get the answer.

All of these are very useful tips and forces you to get outside of the box with business card marketing. Why not design a four page folder business card to add even more services or products the sky is the limit as long as you get creative.

Finally from experience don’t try to save money by asking your printer to design your business card unless that is they have a graphic design studio. Find a good creative graphic designer, they are worth their weight in gold and can even help with the layout and orientation of your card. Experienced designers know paper stock as well so they can advise the best stock to use.